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Today is a free day, the sun is shining and we are sailing (as we speak as a matter of fact). Mrlovely, mrlovely’s dad and I are moving the sail boat after the long winter. It’s beautiful and peaceful my nerves are totally at ease. I just wanted to pop in and wish you a […]

I am just about getting over my jet lag after my return from San Francisco, a town I called my home for seven years. I moved there when I was 11 and then moved to London when I was 18. When I lived there I seemed like any Californian kid. On my return, for my […]

After a three hour delay in Copenhagen we did finally arrive in San Francisco. We were greeted by my big sister who has lived in San Francisco for twenty odd years. It was really nice to see her, since we don’t see each other that often and it was her first time meeting mrlovely. She […]

Just a little on the go hello, from me to you. Mrlovely and I are currently stuck in Copenhagen. Our connecting flight is three hours delayed. This is not necessarily a bad thing but a potentially dangerous thing…there are an abundance of gorgeous shops to while the way in, you see! I hope you are […]

We have had a lovely and relaxing break in our household. When the weather was not so nice we stayed indoors and made some Easter decorations. When the weather was beautiful (which it was most of the time) we played outdoors and enjoyed the sunshine. Mrlovely and I are off to San Francisco on Saturday […]