Well hello jet lag… (Our first day in San Francisco)


After a three hour delay in Copenhagen we did finally arrive in San Francisco. We were greeted by my big sister who has lived in San Francisco for twenty odd years. It was really nice to see her, since we don’t see each other that often and it was her first time meeting mrlovely. She was kind enough to drive us to our hotel and let us get settled in. She was also kind enough to spend her evening with us at a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant (Le Colonial) I say it was an act of kindness to eat with us because we were not much company, more like two jibbering fools having trouble seeing straight (a bit tired you could say 😉).


We managed to stay up until ten thirty and sleep until seven the next morning, success in beating the dreaded jet lag. We got ourselves ready to conquer our first day in the city. Our first stop was breakfast at a local eatery. Mrlovely ordered eggs a la norvegienne (eggs Benedict with smoked salmon) this I guess is a typical Norwegian breakfast but since neither of us had ever tried it, it had to be tested. He also soon learned that everything is big in America, they do not skimp on the portions. It was sunday and the weather was not great so it seemed like a good day to go shopping in the near by Union square.20140428-054918.jpg

A Starbucks coffee was first required and as we were partaking in our coffee the sun came out to greet us.20140428-055227.jpg

We approached our shopping with a frontal attack. Swiftly perusing the racks of clothing with a critical eye. Not dwelling too long on any item that had little or no interest.20140428-060247.jpg20140428-060723.jpg

After a good effort and many hours we decided to replenish ourselves and grabbed some lunch at the Rotunda, at the top of Neimen Marcus.20140428-061201.jpg

Mrlovely has never been to the US and in my opinion San Francisco is not a bad place to start. It is five years since I’ve been to San Francisco and it really strikes me how eclectic this city really is. It is a mixed bag of cultures, the architecture is Victorian inspired but still has a slight feel of the old west. It is a wonderful place to visit but I feel like it no longer holds my heart, I guess I left my heart in London 😉.20140428-061835.jpg20140428-061938.jpg20140428-062211.jpg

After shopping and lunch, we headed back to the hotel for a rest and a freshen up. We then headed out for a wander and in search of a place to eat dinner. We climbed the many hills and stumbled upon a display of the cars competing in the ‘California Mille miglia 2014’ outside of the Fairmont hotel. Kind of cool when you stumble upon something completely unexpected…20140428-062820.jpg20140428-062920.jpg

Eventually we found a little pizza place. ‘Uncle Vito’ gets up early to set the dough for his pizza, so it was an authentic pizza experience 😉. 20140428-063803.jpg

We headed back, tired and satisfied with our first day.


In the lift it felt right to document our achievements with a smug, lift, double selfie.

This morning king jet lag came and got us… We woke up at three thirty and there was no chance of us going back to sleep. So I have whiled away this morning editing pictures and writing this post. It has taken me hours because the wifi is what you would call, well dodgy but then what else should one get up to at ungodly hours of the day 😉. Today we are set to meet my sister to drive over to Sausalito and Tiburon. There has been summer temperatures back in Norway but are we to believe the weather rapports, there is a cold front on it’s way. Here the weather was so, so yesterday but the temperatures are supposed to be soaring, so hey I’m not complaining at all. I think mrlovely and I should just sit back and enjoy the ride…



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