Just a wee bit of wedding jitters…


I woke up this morning with a nervous, queasy feeling. I am on some demented roller coaster ride and I want to get off NOW!!! I know it is totally unnecessary and irrational but these icky feelings have inhabited my body and there is not a darned thing I can do about it. It all started on Saturday morning. Suddenly a wave of wedding jitters rushed over me for no apparent reason. We were all set to go out and get things sorted, register for wedding gifts and such. Suddenly out of nowhere a freak out emerged, I don’t turn into a screaming bridezilla but a whimpering, crying, dizzy, nauseous wreck. Mrlovely took pity on me, put his arms around me and the freak out passed.

We went out and actually had a really lovely time registering for our gifts. All our guests have been referred to this blogs static page wedding wish list where all our dream gifts are listed. I thought however I would share some with you too. As mrlovely and I are both grown, established adults who have a lot of everything, finding out what we want/need was a little bit of a challenge seeing as we don’t really need anything. We thought instead that in some cases we would start fresh, table wear, so instead of his and mine, it would now be ours, something we both like and collect together.

Backe i Grensen : We have created a wedding list for just table wear. Jasper Conran for Wedgwood, green chinoiserie.


We registered at Christiania Glassmagasin for sorely needed cutlery along with some flower vases and bits and bobs.

Where we found the most stuff that is really ‘us’ though was Kitch’n, where they had a ton of Le Creuset things along with some other cool stuff.


We also made a list at one of our favorite interior stores, KA interior. Here are some pictures of things that would beautify our home, keep us warm and bring us joy 😉


This cozy Lexington blanket.


Lexington table wear for every day use.


Some Lene Bjerre pillows that would look lovely in the bedroom.


Some nice and cozy Lexington bed linens.

On sunday we finally got the invitations completely finished. It was a group effort from Ulrikke, Mrlovely and me. I had one more little freak out but I was quickly talked off the ledge, so to speak. Mrlovely and I made a long ‘to do’ list, a list of all the little things that need to be sorted out in May… The rushing feeling inside my body seem to have taken up permanent residence though… Ulrikke practiced the verses she is going to read in church last night as well and it was nice to sit around in the kitchen drinking tea and listening to missy, who takes her task very seriously 😊


Things may be a little bit chaotic inside of me these days but there is a lot of joy and truly special moments too. When I posted all the invitations today I could feel the pressure lifting a little.

I know I’m silly, I know it’s normal to feel this but I also know it’s going to be all right on the big day, all the stress will simply slip away and we will be left with feelings of love and happiness!!! Xxx


8 thoughts on “Just a wee bit of wedding jitters…

  1. That Jasper Conran is gorgeous and I love le Creuset too, they make the best cookware. It is stressful planning a wedding, I remember running around like a headless chicken before mine and I didn’t even have children to look after back then. Taking time out to exercise really helped me and lists, lots of lists, somehow seeing things written down in black and white make them seem much more manageable. If all else fails a big glass of wine always works a treat! xxx

    1. I feel like lists are being made left, right and center but it doesn’t quite hit the spot. I am really looking forward to dance class on Wednesday, tomorrow is the last day of my school and then I have to write an exam paper in the middle of all of this!!! I just have to plod on one thing at a time, it WILL be ok!!! Thank you for your advice 😊 xxx

    1. I’ve been told (by mrlovely) that he has been waiting for this…so I guess it’s normal and expected. I’ll try anything that will give me some peace of mind these days. I love the jasper conran too!!! Xxx

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