Loving the new Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets!!!


Yesterday was a school day, that means Oslo day and I had a little bit of time to look around in the shops before I went to meet mrlovely. I always pop into the Marc Jacobs shop when I am in that part of town. I had recently seen a scrumptious picture on Instagram of these delicate little bracelets and I decided to take a look at them in real life. They were beautiful and dainty, perfect for stacking and not outrageously expensive either. The best part… In the picture we see a gold and silver mix but in the store they also had everything in rose gold. I love the rose gold and silver mix it’s so feminine and clean (my wedding band is rose gold and white diamonds).

Looking at these bracelets made me dream of warm, tanned, summer skin…as I woke up today it was snowing!!! I decided to post this little tidbit so that I could dream of the sun a little longer…

Do you have any summer dreams? Beautiful little things you are longing to wear???

Love from a summer dreamer xxx


8 thoughts on “Loving the new Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelets!!!

  1. Oh yes, I am dreaming of summer days, getaway, vacation in Europe where I can wear my bikinis. We had a rough winter in NYC it feels like forever. The list is long :).

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