Girls weekend in London. Culture, drama, shop till you drop!!!


For Ulrikke’s 12th birthday she received a trip to London as a birthday present from mrlovely and me… Lucky Ulrikke and lucky me. She has never been to London so it was a joy to show it off to her in all it’s glory and London did not disappoint us with all it’s sunshiny splendor. Before we left I asked Ulrikke what she wanted to do and her main priority was shopping to my great delight. We arrived on Friday, early evening. We stayed at the strand palace hotel right in the center of…well everything. We decided to take a stroll down to Trefalgar square and wound up visiting the national gallery.





I had managed to pack a really silly pair of shoes and a wrong choice of jeans so I had to do some emergency shopping… Subsequently at jigsaw and Top Shop 😉 Ulrikke had gotten some spending money which she put to use at Whittard’s and Top Shop.



It should be mentioned that my daughter is a very reluctant model and it was quite a challenge getting her to stand still for two seconds so that I could snap a picture 😉



Her mother on the other hand is a born poser, complete with selfies and outfits of the day.
New top: Top shop
New shoes: Jigsaw
Old jeans: 7for all mankind 😉

On Saturday we started early and took a little stroll through a lovely park down by the Embankment after breakfast. We had plans to meet the infamous princess R in Oxford circus at 12 o’clock for a shopping spree.



We got to Oxford circus early and managed to squeeze in a quick stop at Gap kids and Zara kids (where large parts of the kid’s spring wardrobe was purchased). I even managed to get a pose out of the little miss 😉


We occupied and conquered the shops and shopping centers along Oxford street. Fighting the crowds while spirits were high and by three o’clock we had some salt beef sandwiches at Selfridges to keep our strength up. The princess R also generously gave the princess in training some posing lessons.





We parted ways with the princess R and headed back to the Strand Palace Hotel to freshen up. We had bought tickets to see Matilda that night.


The show was FANTASTIC!!! We headed back to the hotel and settled down for the night. At 4.30 Am we were woken by an alarm, a fire alarm…dazed and confused we stumbled out of the hotel (from the sixth floor) in only our shoes and pyjamas along with all the other guests from the hotel. When I couldn’t see or smell any smoke and only one fire engine arrived at the scene I realized there was no immediate danger. Shortly after we all staggered back to our rooms.

Later that morning we got ourselves ready for breakfast and prepared ourselves for the trip back home. We wandered around and took in the sights, Big Ben, parliament and cleopatras needle. It was a lovely trip and it was such a pleasure to see Ulrikke enjoy a city I hold so dear. It was also a nice thought that we were returning to two boys who had had some fun of their own back home.




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