Do you Instagram?


Before I started blogging I was very active on Instagram, the bio on my profile read ‘a life in pictures’. I tried to express some sort of feeling in all of my pictures… I edited a lot, I like bright colors. After I started blogging I’ve become less active on IG but a couple of days ago I was challenged to post five pictures (one a day) of everyday highlights and the challenge was welcome. Today I posted a picture of Oliver and me having an after school cuddle. Ulrikke and I are off to London tomorrow for a girls weekend so I need to steal all the cuddles I can from my boys before we jet off for a few days. I will steal some from mrlovely later 😉 Today though I was just reminiscing over the joy of Instagram, what I tried to express in pictures before I had the luxury of words.




Do you Instagram? If you do let me know what your ‘nick’ is, I’d love to check your pictures. I’m @pernilleeik feel free to take a peak 😉 xxx


15 thoughts on “Do you Instagram?

  1. If you’re in London this weekend the vintage Car Boot sale is on again at the South Bank..and there’s another vintage market at Spitalfield is stunning at the mo – hope it lasts for you!!

    1. Ooohhh, thanks for the tip!!! We will try to squeeze in at least one of those. The princess in training (Ulrikke) has requested we go shopping!?! (They do grow up fast) so a vintage car boot sale should hit the spot. I hope the weather lasts as it’s Ulrikke’s first trip to London and I want to show it off to her in all its glory!!! Xxx

  2. Sounds like fun, hope you have a great time. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to enjoy shopping trips. At the moment she is mainly into the Disney Store.. I will do my best to keep the sun shining for you – it is meant to be nice this weekend so fingers crossed. Xx

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