Weekend highlights!!!


Last weekend was simply lovely in every way. We finished our invitations and the sun decided it was time to make its spring debut.

After we had labored away at our invitations it was time for dinner. Since we are very careful with money these days (due to our upcoming nuptials) and I am following ‘your diet’ we made due with the healthy options we had in the house. That turned out to be cod fillets served with a lentil and spinach concoction (extremely tasty I must add).



I cooked the cod in the oven together with some left over oven baked cherry tomatoes in olive oil with garlic, basil, salt and pepper.
I soaked the lentils for an hour and then boiled them according to the instructions on the box. I stir fried the spinach in butter (I’m supposed to have that you see), with garlic and a chopped red chili…seeds and all. When the lentils had finished boiling I mixed them inn with the spinach.
I then served the two together and the results were simply delicious… When I say I did so and so I should really say we, it was a joint effort getting our Saturday dinner together.


We tried our hand at making a healthy snack to nibble while we watched house of cards (the latest in our tv obsessions) so we made some kale chips. We fried the kale with olive oil and salt in the oven. Very healthy snack but I do not recommend it. It tasted so so and we kept tasting it for hours after, mrlovely also got to experience my repeat of the kale chips and that does not make for a very romantic evening 😉

On sunday we had no particular agenda so we decided to take a brisk walk in the glorious sunshine.



There is something about that first spring sunshine that reminds me of when I was little and I can’t help but feel a little bit lighter and brighter.

All in all everything seems to be going so well these day that I’m almost waiting for something to go wrong…
It was a great weekend, we got lots of must do’s done and managed to enjoy ourselves every step of the way… Who could ask for anything more???


Ps. I do apologize for my yet again silly face in this picture. I must stop doing that 😉


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