A lovely and productive weekend (step by step DIY wedding invitations)


It has been a very fulfilling weekend. Mrlovely and I have finished making our wedding invitations (which was quite a romantic activity). Not only are the invitations finished but the place cards too (they are just like the save the date cards). Mrlovely proved to be very efficient with a stamp, which made the whole process extra productive.



Here’s mrlovely hard at work stamping away at the place cards, it must be said that it takes a real man to sit patiently stamping hearts and initials on about a hundred cards 😉

Step by step wedding invitations:



First I made a paper mock up of the actual card.



I experimented a bit with the stamps to find out how we wanted the card to look.




I then carefully stamped each card. Mrlovely joined in stamping hearts and initials on some of the cards after he had proved how efficient he was.



We tied an antique looking lace ribbon in the spine of the cards. The ribbon added a bit of a romantic touch to the otherwise really simple cards.

We composed the text, which will be printed on cream color paper and glued one side, inside of the card, leaving the other side free to write a personal message, if we wish.

This is not rocket science but we feel the invitations are personal yet elegant. They also go with the whole theme of our wedding. It must also be said that since we are making everything ourselves we are saving a load of money. Total costs of save the date cards, invitations, place cards and thank you cards are about one third of what you would otherwise spend.

The envelopes for our invitations will be sealed with a wax stamp. Now I was not born in the times of the Tudors so this too had to be tested to avert any future disasters.


Firstly the front of the envelopes are addressed and stamped with the same heart that has been used on everything else, I like continuity.





For the stamp the wax was heated over a candle, poured on to the envelope, stamped and voila…a slightly wonky stamp is left.

I must again point out that none of this is perfect and I feel it shouldn’t be. Everything is personal though and hand made, it is very simple but it has taken time to do it and I hope all of our guests will appreciate the efforts we have made. Xxx


2 thoughts on “A lovely and productive weekend (step by step DIY wedding invitations)

    1. Thank you so much. Making invites yourself for such a big day is a bit of a risk but I’m quite happy with the results and they go really well with the whole setting of the wedding. Xxx

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