Procrastination…my guiltiest of pleasures…


I am an expert procrastinator, in fact I am doing it right now!!! I have a keen way of finding all sorts of things to do other than the actual thing I should be doing. I have always been this way and I have learned absolutely nothing over the years, I don’t really think I want to learn from my mistakes.

Today for example, I have to choreograph and practice for my dance classes that I have tonight. I started the day early with a few cups of coffee, about an hour later I ate breakfast. I then did my Proactive facial mask, while my mask was working its magic I made the beds and washed up a few bits and pieces…all very productive but it has nothing to do with dance. By the time I was finished with my mask and my tidying I felt I should do some magic with the leftovers so that we have dinner for tonight. I needed to buy a few things at the shops to perform said magic. Back from the shops I got to work on tonight’s dinner. We had a load of whole grain cous cous left so I transformed it into a lovely salad, I also made some guacamole to have with the chicken I took out of the freezer. I am staying healthy with the looming wedding dress fitting hanging over my head you see, like the determined girl I am 😉 When I had finished preparing dinner I was hungry, because it was now lunch time. I ate lunch and after that I had to let my food settle for at least half an hour before I started jumping around and doing some actual dancing…

I have now jumped around for about an hour and a half, I got sweaty and I got some new choreography done…but I felt I was in need of a little break so I’m writing this post right now. They say ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ and I’m afraid that they are right!!! I’ve been this way ever since I can remember. I always put of writing essays or studying for tests until the last minute in school and I must say it has worked out pretty well so far. It’s like I need that little bit of added pressure just to kick me into high performance gear… I don’t know, it’s probably not a good thing to be this way but it seems like this is just the way I was put together.

Well now I have had my little break and time is ticking away, crunch time is approaching so I guess I’d better get to it….

Do you ever put things off until the last minute? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only expert procrastinator out there… Xxx


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Bachelor i Pr og Markedskommunikasjon fra Handelshøyskolen BI Oslo. Bloggen min er en platform for meg å dele tanker og ideer rundt kommunikasjonsbransjen. Jeg har nylig opprettet mitt eget kommunikasjonsbyrå, Lovlie Communication, men jeg jakter fortsatt etter drømmejobben.