A divine meeting (wedding planning of course 😉)


Now where did the time go? I know we all say this from time to time but I would seriously like an answer to this question. I know I’ve been busy lately but for the life of me I can’t really figure out what I’ve been doing except running circles around myself.

Last Friday mrlovely and I were invited to a 40th birthday party in Oslo. It was nice to get away for a while and just kick your heals up and dance. Since we were staying in Oslo we made the most of it and went back to Gunnar Oye (men’s wear) to buy mrlovely’s wedding suit. We wound up getting a beautiful, light grey Canali suit. It makes such a difference when you receive excellent service when you are shopping for such an important day. The suit will look lovely next to my turtle necked, red dress 😉😉😉. We went home and picked up the kids after feeling happy with our purchase.

After we had eaten dinner and the kids were settled with a movie we started with our ‘homework’ from our priest. The priest who is going to marry us is a school friend of mrlovely’s, that makes it a little bit more personal and special I think. She had sent us a list of music and psalms to look over, we also had to decide which type of ceremony we wanted…the simple I do or repeat after the priest, lastly we had a list of questions we had to answer.


Just finding out what music to use took quite a while. We listened to endless wedding marches on YouTube but nothing seemed quite right. Since we are having a very simple down to earth wedding it just didn’t seem right for me to walk in to here comes the bride or something of the likes of that. We did sort it out in the end though and we both feel it will be really quite special and a little bit different. I have realized that it has now come to the point where every detail is chosen meticulously so that it is just right and whispers mr&mrs lovely, and I feel this is how it should be!


On Sunday and Monday night we buckled down with the questions from the priest. It was an enjoyable task and we did it thoroughly. One of the questions was, describe yourself and what can you contribute to your partner…to describe yourself is quite a difficult thing we both found,but we got something down in the end. Another question was to tell our story, that one was easy, we had to write down how the two of us solve conflict and how do you ask forgiveness? As we sat there doing the task at hand the two of us sort of got drawn even closer together as we realized what we were actually sat there working on. The last question was what does marriage mean to you and why do you want to get married? Well mrlovely and I tried to put words to that one but it’s more of a feeling… When something just feels like the most natural thing to do well then you just have to do it, don’t you?

Yesterday we met with the priest and went through everything from the music to how we want the ceremony to be. It’s also important to us that Ulrikke and Oliver are featured in the wedding so they will be. When we told the priest about our choice of music and how we wanted the ceremony to be it felt like she really ‘got us’. She seemed to be fully on board creating our very special, personal day. When we read the answers to our questions, she just sat there and said wow, I think she felt that us getting married is absolutely the right thing to do….and of course it is, mrlovely and I are soul mates, whether you believe in that sort of thing or not….

So everything seems to be ticking along nicely and we are all peaceful in our little home…until my next panic erupts ….😉 xxx



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