On a roll, wedding, training, healthy eating oh yeah!!!


I must admit that it feels so great when everything seems to be right on track. Tomorrow it’s only four months exactly until our wedding day and the panic from a little while ago has paid off. We put ourselves into action and got stuff sorted.

Last Saturday we went to Kristine’s franske fristelser (a French bakery in Oslo) and ordered our wedding cake. We opted for a chocolate mousse cake with dark, glossy chocolate frosting and a vanilla and basil filling in the center. It will be topped with lots of beautiful fresh fruit and we know it’s going to be just gorgeous and delicious. I also saw these cute macaroons on Pinterest and we just had to have them as well. They won’t be decorated with gold leaf but they will have X’s and O’s on them, they remind me of mrlovely and my trip to Paris…happy, happy memories.


Last Saturday mrlovely and I also went hunting for his suit for the big day. It was really special seeing him trying on suits and it kind of brought it all home for me. This Saturday we are going back to the store that seemed best for our needs and mrlovely is having his light grey suit tailor made at Gunnar oye. I have a very special dress so he should have a very special suit for this very special day 😊

Yesterday we got an e-mail from the priest who is going to marry us. She is an old school friend of mrlovely’s. It had a little homework assignment in it, to prepare us for our meeting with her next Tuesday, it’s the kind of homework I really don’t mind doing 😉 We sat there reading through the vows, first I started weeping as I read the words out loud and then mrlovely soon followed suit as he read those very special words out loud… I’m afraid that in this wedding the two of us are going to be a blubbering mess 😉

Yesterday I went for a run and then had my hip hop class in the evening. Today I have three dance classes and it feels great to get moving, motivated by a very real goal (getting into my wedding dress). I’ve been eating healthily and regularly so I feel I’m making the right adjustments.

I’m the kind of person who thrives on having specific goals, I think we all do. I have two goals now and one (dress) leads to the other (wedding). Today I feel like I can handle all the obstacles that may come along the way. Xxx


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