#bridalbootcamp…feeling the love!!!


Yesterday something quite strange and unexpected happened. I posted my Bridal boot camp post and the response was overwhelming, it made me think that I should have posted a picture of myself in my underwear with my wobbly bits hanging out ages ago… In all seriousness though it was so encouraging, so many of you truly showed me your support.

It was a really impromptu post, my mother liked it (but thought I should have put a pair of black knickers on 😉) but I said it is what it is. I was pissed off and writing the post made me feel so much better. What happened afterwards was positively uplifting and gave me the proper kick, encouragement and great advise I was hoping for.

I will not bore you with daily food diaries and work out regimes, I will take your advise though and do what I know is sensible.


This was my dinner last night: chicken clubs (I used what we had in the freezer), left over cous cous (jazzed up with some garlic, Parmesan cheese and a tiny bit of left over bolognese sauce), a really yummy healthy dose of salad with lots of different crispy greens and a dollop of home made guacamole on the side…The left overs served as lunch today.



After dinner the kids did their homework and then I set about doing some at home exercises: 3X plank, push ups (16 in a set, girly style), squats (20 in a set, fast to get your pulse up a bit). Oliver got in on the action too 😉 mrlovely tried to snap me in action but I was so super fast that all you could see was me as blur… like a go faster stripe…

Like I said in yesterday’s post…I’m not trying to lose lots of weight, I just want to tone up a bit and treat my body with the respect it deserves. Tomorrow morning a run is on the agenda.

I do promise to give you a follow up post complete with pictures of me in my underwear (with hopefully less wobbly bits). If this all works (and I think it will) I will tell anyone who wants to know exactly what I did!!! And I say this with God as my witness I WILL FIT INTO THAT WEDDING DRESS!!!

I thank you all…I feel the love and I’m sending it right back out to you. Xxx


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