That’s it!!! I’m now entering bridal boot camp!!!


This is me today. Not trying to get a flattering angle, no retouching, just the naked truth!!! I am a 38 year old woman who has had two children and my body is pretty good considering. I know that I’m NOT FAT!!! But today I tried on my wedding dress and that didn’t go so well… It was a bit of a job getting the dress on in the store and today it…well…didn’t go. I have an appointment with the tailor on the 11th of March and I DO NOT want to let my dress out.


I’ve been feeling a little less than toned lately but today has given me a kick up the backside to do something about it. We are not talking major adjustments here just a little bit of tweaking…and I know what I have to do, I know what works for me.

I am not going to unfriend carbs, I am not going to drink shakes, I just have to eat regularly, unfriend junk (we all know what falls into this category) and I have to start running again…2 to 3 times a week. I walk a lot, I do plank, push ups and squats every day but now I feel enough is enough.

I am not winging, I am just posting this out here for everyone to see… I need a push so I’m giving myself one by being public about it…


There is nothing wrong with this body, it has served me well, it is strong and has performed wonders. I want to serve this body with the dignity it deserves and just make it a little better…

If any of you have any comments or ideas then please feel free to come with them. I will give you an update of how it goes…wish me luck, cuz I’m diving in at the deep end here, no fuss or excuses for this lady 😉 xxx


12 thoughts on “That’s it!!! I’m now entering bridal boot camp!!!

  1. You know what? You have nothing to worry about! But I know you want to do this for the way you feel inside..if there’s one tip I can pass on..I love my running podcast – couch potato to 5k – it’s free on iTunes and is like running with a personal trainer..once I’ve finished this one it’s ‘a faster 5k’ then…10k! (if I’m still alive..) xxx

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