Holy cannoli!!! Just a pre wedding freak out…


Last night just before mrlovely and I were going to sleep, we did a little summary of our upcoming events… We talked about a 40th birthday party we are invited to on the 28th of February in Oslo and decided to book a hotel and sleep over that night. Then it dawned on me…the 28th of February that is EXACTLY 4 MONTHS UNTIL OUR WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I freaked out a little bit…heart pounding a light sweat etc. I grabbed mrlovely’s arm looked him deep into the eyes and said…”we have to make a list first thing in the morning!!!” He reassured me and told me lists would be made. Then I smiled and looked him deep into the eyes and said…” We are getting married in four months time”, he smiled to and kissed me and said “I know!!!”

This morning over coffee we made our list then we proceeded to do as much as we could on the list. I called and double checked regarding our wedding suite at the hotel (I had booked this in August last year), mrlovely called his friend to arrange transport from the reception to the hotel. I called and double checked our wedding car (our deposit was paid in October), mrlovely called to get a deal at the local hotel for our guests, I called to book the tailor to hem my dress, we checked out where we should go to buy mrlovely’s suit, we double checked with the toastmaster and booked music for the church. A few things have to wait until Wednesday but it’s under control. It was all under control and most of the people I talked to today thought I was a little bit insane having a melt down four months ahead of time…

After I had shown my crazy and double checked everything, I calmed down. We did also fill out our papers for our wedding license which is kind of important to have in place.

Now I feel pretty calm and peaceful… I am afraid that this may be one of many little freak outs along the way to June 28th… Xxx


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