ABBA themed birthday goes down in the books as a success!!!


Yesterday we celebrated Ulrikke’s birthday. She has been nagging me for a sleepover birthday for a few years and this year I finally caved, the fact that I had mrlovely to co-host the party definitely helped. I suggested she should have a theme for her party…she suggested ABBA and we agreed (for me a themed party just makes it more fun to organize and it makes it more fun to attend). Ulrikke requested finger food as a main course and cheese cake for dessert. So finger food for 11 and 12 year old girls went as follows: mini pizzas, mini toads in the hole, lots of veggies with dip, guacamole and tortilla chips, chicken fingers and bowls of popcorn and potato chips.

The decorations were pretty simple but had a little disco sparkle. I found a roll of white paper that I cut into a table cloth and then put lots of stickers all over it to make it a bit more festive.


We hung up a happy birthday banner and sparkly streamers in the dining room where the food was laid out in a buffet style manner.







Ulrikke also decorated her room with streamers and balloons. We had laid out a blow up mattress and two other mattresses as well since 9 little girls were going to be sleeping up there.

Ulrikke made a playlist with ABBA songs on spotify and then we got her a bit Agnetha(fied), I got my disco outfit on too (any excuse to get dressed up sounds good to me 😉).




The girls came, music was playing food was eaten and they all seemed to be having a good time, they were all dressed up too which I think gives it all a little more spirit.





Little Oliver was the only boy amongst a gaggle of “big” girls (he LOVED it)!!! After the gifts were opened by a strange tradition of spin the bottle (I always thought that involved kissing someone), cake and candy was eaten. The requested cheese cake made by my mother (I don’t bake) was a big hit (to my surprise).



Everything went rather smoothly and they sort of ran the event by themselves, mrlovely and I only had to serve the food and clean up afterwards. There was a lot of boy talk, hide and go seek played, dancing to the ABBA playlist and movie watching (mama Mia) as the night progressed. We the adults only had to tell them when to brush their teeth and when they should think about going to bed (which some of them didn’t do, my daughter included).

This morning we made them breakfast and laid it out in the same buffet style as we had done the night before.



By ten thirty all the girls were fed and dressed and all (save one) went home. It was a nice evening and it was a nice little disco twist. Ulrikke was happy and that in return made me happy. I was also really happy that I didn’t have to do it alone (thank you mrlovely)… So all in all a success!!!


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