Another happy valentines post!!! (How mrlovely and I met)


Happy valentines day!!! Today is a rather special valentines for mrlovely and me. Exactly one year ago today we met each other for the very first time. We actually met through an internet dating site (something I don’t usually say too loudly) and it worked for us. I was totally naive when it came to net dating whereas mrlovely had done it a few times before and was quite cynical to it all. We had chatted for about two weeks before we actually met. Through our chats some ground rules were set (by me the naive one), total honesty and no game playing. That is how we started and that is how we have carried on…

Through our chats we discovered that this was something different, something special. We both saw qualities in each other that we truly appreciated (mrlovely the cynical one took it all with a pinch of salt). The night before our first date (a coffee date) we talked on the phone for about an hour and a half, I remember thinking I didn’t want the conversation to ever end. When we actually met I was really nervous and so was mrlovely (something he hadn’t been on previous internet dates). Our first date was not great, it was pretty awful actually. He was so nervous and weird that I found myself thinking “who is this person? And where is the guy I’ve been chatting with every day for the past two weeks???” Apparently he was thinking “I’m totally blowing this because of my nerves and this girl looks like a vegetarian goth!!!” ( it was due to my super trendy dark blue nail varnish that he thought I looked like a vegetarian goth). We ended the date with a little polite hug and me saying I hope we’ll do this again some time. I walked away thinking that was super awkward!!! Later that night I sent him a message after having had a good think. I knew there was something special here and that nerves had gotten the better of us. In my message I wrote ” what are you thinking right now? Remember honesty always wins”. He answered me with a list
1. I was super nervous
2. You were super cute
3. Why didn’t I get my haircut before I met you?!?
4. I hope you will see me again

With that I was sold!!! We carried on texting and having three hour long conversations every night. We were honest, we laughed a lot and there were no games. On the 21st of February I went to Thailand for three weeks. Mrlovely was sure it would all fizzle out during that time but it didn’t. We carried on messaging every day and we kept building on this special connection that we had.

When I got back we met up straight away. Mrlovely was still super nervous and my strategy to conquer that was me being super cool, it worked!!! After three dates we were officially a couple.

On June 28th mrlovely and I are getting married. It has gone fast but sometimes you just know. Mrlovely has told me that he fell in love with me while I was in Thailand and I knew that this could be the one.

So today is valentines day and we are going to celebrate it properly! We will sit back and relax over a lovely dinner while we think back and reflect over how incredibly far we have come.

I always say “everything happens for a reason!!!” When you have that special connection and treat it with respect and honesty and leave the games well out of it…then I truly believe that you can do just about anything!!!

Mrlovely I love you!!! You and me babe, we can do anything!!! Xxx


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