10 things…I love, want, can’t live without!!!

I am feeling inspired these days. Everywhere I look I see amazing spring fashion blog posts. Spring fashion is invading my favorite stores. Some of the new trends I love and some not that much… I have compiled my top ten list, not necessarily spring fashion but things I love, want and some things I just cannot live without!!!

Things I love:
1. Stella McCartney lips/lipstick knit sweater.



I just love this sweater! It’s cute, flirty and still a little bit rock and roll. Ideally I see this sweater with tight black jeans and cool biker boots.

2. Anine Bing biker jacket.


I’ve been wanting a biker jacket for a while now. I feel it’s a piece of clothing that can be worn with ANYTHING!!! Simple T-shirt and jeans, a cute sun dress or an elegant dress that needs just a little edge. When I saw this particular jacket it was love at first sight!!! I love it, just love it!!!

Things I want:
3. Marc Jacobs Globetrotter mini rei satchel.


I saw this bag in this color in the Harrods store at Gatwick airport when we went to London for my birthday. I loved the bag then and I just can’t seem to get it out of my mind…

4. Daniel Wellington watch.


I have a beautiful watch but I just love the sleek simplicity of these watches for an everyday look or for an evening look. My watch is chunky and heavy so just to change it up I would love one of these in brown leather with gold metal please 😉

5. Marc Jacobs watch.


I have a beautiful watch but… Same reasons as the ones above. I saw this on Instagram and I fell for the beige one with a beige face (far left).

Things I can’t live without:
6. YSL touché éclat.


Being fair skinned this little pen is a must have to conceal any spots or red patches. I’m forever buying it in the tax free. I’ve tried different brands but I always come back to this one.

7. Thierry Mugler Angel perfume.


This is my scent. I started using it quite a few years ago. I have tried many different scents over the years but ALWAYS come back to Angel. People often compliment me on it. My best friend mrs. J also wears Angel but it smells totally different on the two of us, we both suit it but somehow don’t smell the same.

8/9. Ulrikke & Oliver.


These two are not fashion items of course (although they are both so cute they certainly could be). They do fall into the category of cannot live without though…they also fall into the category of things I love. This photo was taken this morning before they went to school. There was a carnival at school today and missy was Sandy from Greece whereas mr Oliver was a skeleton…

10. Mrlovely.


I cannot live without this guy either, he also falls into the category of things I love… He just makes me insanely happy!!!

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