When misfortune turns into unexpected adventure…


Tuesday is a school day and that means getting up at 5am, taking the train into Oslo then the underground up to campus for a lecture at 8am. That is exactly what I did this morning, it’s early and it’s a bit of a trek but I’ve put my mind to it and that this is how it will be on Tuesdays for a little while. When I sat down in the lecture hall at 7.55 a girl next to me announced to everyone that the lecture was cancelled due to illness… Hmmm… What now??? I though…

I left the lecture hall and called mrlovely to inform him of the news. “That is really such bad behavior” mrlovely said…”don’t they have someone to fill in???” No they didn’t! I felt quite calm, there was no hint of anger roaming around my body, I just thought what do I do now??? So I went to the cafeteria and bought myself a tuna roll and a coffee, found myself a table, put my ear buds in, turned on my music and started reading, I had a bit of course work left to read.

After a while I got a bit antsy, I wasn’t due to meet mrlovely for our trip home until 3pm. I decided that I would have a little excursion in the Capitol armed with my iPhone camera…so here is what I got up to today, a little tour of some of my favorite places in Oslo.


This is a picture of the ceiling at school. I put my camera down on the table by accident and I thought it looked kind of cool.


Travelling in style…an empty underground carriage, not unlike your London tube or Paris metro.


Just outside the train station you have the National Theatre, pretty, yellow, old.


The view up to the castle at the top of Karl Johan (right in the center of Oslo)


Now here comes the bit I really enjoy… Window shopping!!! This is David Andersen, a very beautiful jewelry shop and look a wedding dress shop at the top there 😉


LV!!! No explanation needed…


I am a Norwegian girl and show my support by sporting quite a few Moods of Norway pieces…lots of cool stuff!!!


I LOVE MARC JACOBS!!! Hey mrlovely!!! They have a super cool phone cover in there that charges your phone!!! HINT, HINT valentines day…anniversary 😉


Eger is my favorite shopping center in Oslo they have EVERYTHING!!!


Hey I had to try a few things on it would be a shame not to… There was a sale on and everything…ok so maybe one little T-shirt wound up in my shopping bag…40% off…that’s a bargain 😉


And now I am partaking in a lovely chicken wrap and coffee… Sometimes things don’t go exactly how you expect it to. Today my day somehow got turned upside down but I did make the most of it anyway… Have a lovely, lovely Tuesday!!! Xx


3 thoughts on “When misfortune turns into unexpected adventure…

  1. What a great piece of serendipity!….means a diversion leads to a better pathway,basically. Thanks for sharing Oslo. I am hooked on Jo Nesbo books at the moment so feel I know a bit more about your home.

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