Eat, pray, love…


Do you ever have one of those weeks where you think it’s going to be a rather quiet normal week but then life just throws things at you one after the other??? Well it’s been one of those weeks for us. I won’t say it’s been stressful but there has been stuff to sort out. The kind of stuff that needs to be organized and filed away in different parts of your mind. That sort of mind filing leaves you with a feeling that the brain activity you have to endure in return leaves you feeling physically exhausted.

Suddenly the weekend was here and mrlovely and I had a weekend to our selves. We had plans of going to the movies, we had plans of going shopping at an outlet, we had plans of going skiing…did we do any of those things??? No we did not!!! We have been a pair of total lazy bums all day. Do I feel guilty about that??? No I don’t!!! After a hectic week I think we needed to just relax and unwind and spend some time together wearing PJ’s all day.

We have done exactly what we have wanted to do and we have done it in slow motion. We booked our flight and hotel in San Francisco, we ate a late breakfast, we drank way too much coffee, we have talked and laughed and acted like two stupid teenagers and we have done it all whilst planted firmly on our behinds in bed… It has been a day of pure bliss, we are lucky to get to have a day like this and we needed a day like this!!!

Sometimes it’s important to just slow down. There was nothing we had to do today. Days like that don’t come along too often so why not take full advantage of those days and do exactly what tickles your fancy. When you slow down you might actually get to experience every moment you are presented with…and that’s not a bad thing!!! That’s not bad at all!!!


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