More “Hell Week” (based on a book by Erik Bertrand Larssen)


I am the kind of girl who, when I decide to do something then I do it whole heartedly,this can be both a good and a bad thing. Mrlovely is fully on board with the “hell week” business (as he should be since he suggested it after all). So today I trotted off to the book store to buy the book in question. I have now read the introduction and I must say I’m inspired, (as I should be since the guy who wrote the book is a mental trainer and motivator!)

Hell Week is based on just that, hell week like you experience in the army. Bertrand Larssen says that his hell week is adapted for everyday people no matter what your situation. He goes on saying that we as human beings live in a straight line, we’re born, go through life and then we die. As we get older most of us just settle, everything is just fine. What if, Larssen asks, what if we made a kink in the road for a week, a week we will remember and learn from…(I swear he says it much better than me…) Bertrand Larssen asks us to spend one week where we are the best possible versions of ourselves, make a conscious effort to be the best you. Be proactive, be more present, be kinder, be more positive… I don’t know about you but I cannot see any harm in trying this…

I borrowed the phrase “in the zone” from Mason Bentley Style because I liked it, it seemed like a great attitude to take into the new year. This “Hell Week” seems like a vessel that will truly take you into the zone. As I mentioned I’m not a girl who does things by halves so I now see that mrlovely and I have to read the book first. Then we have to plan this “Hell Week” carefully for it to really work, lists, charts et all 😉Bertrand Larssen says himself that there are many who will do this week half heartedly and that sort of defeats the purpose, I for one am not going to be one of those people!!! So we are setting a new launch date for project “Hell Week”…February 9th we start at 5.00 am.

Some may think this seems silly but not me. I am all for self improvement and believe we never finish learning about ourselves and life. We have all heard the phrases “carpe diem” or seize the day, live in the moment, live for today…but how many of us truly do this, I know I don’t, I try but sometimes I just kind of forget. I’m feeling hopeful that this book will give me the tools I need to live a week as the best version of me… Not THE best but the best ME!!! I know that when I bring my A game, not only do I benefit greatly but everyone around me benefits too… So I’m excited, I’m pumped man…😉 Just watch this space…

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