“Good morning Sweetheart! Fancy doing a Hell Week?!?


Monday morning and my head was reeling. We got back pretty late last night, Oliver was resisting more than usual as he got dressed for School this morning. After the kids trotted out the door I started medicating myself with copious amounts of coffee. I heard a ping in my telephone and went to check my e-mails. I had received an e-mail from mrlovely and the message attached to the link read “Good morning sweetheart! Fancy doing a Hell Week?” well good morning to you too I thought! Seeing as my head was still spinning, I told mrlovely that we could talk about it tonight…

What is a “Hell Week”? You may ask… Well first of all it’s a book written by Erik Bertrand Larssen, a big shot guru within mental training. Larssen says a hell week is seven days that can change your life. Seven days of getting up early, exercising before breakfast, be at your most efficient at work, eat super healthy, be more present for your kids, go to bed early and so on… As I see it, basically optimize each day for a week. If you Complete this “Hell Week” Larssen means that you will get a huge boost after completing a week that seems like a real hassle, it will also lay the ground work for better routines in the future. The concept seems quite reasonable to me. Human beings are Creatures of habit and I know my family thrives on routines, although we already do some of the things he mentioned, there is definitely room for improvement.

Next week will be hectic with new routines. I start my University course on Tuesday and have to get up at 5.00 am, the kids start their dance classes and have to be ferried around and I start instructing my dance classes on Thursday so as I see it we may as well throw in a “Hell Week”!!! One of the biggest bonuses of having a “Hell Week” is that you have to carefully plan it, with lists and maybe even charts!!! 😉 I will have to purchase the book as well, since I’m the kind of girl who likes to do her homework. So this is me Pledging that starting Monday the 27th we will have a week of carefully planned and organized “Hell”…poor mrlovely will just have to come along for the ride seeing as he was the one who suggested it. He doesn’t know it yet but he soon will when I post this ;-)… maybe we should do a week of detox as well??? Best not, one thing at a time will do I think…

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12 thoughts on ““Good morning Sweetheart! Fancy doing a Hell Week?!?

  1. Hi casuallyfabulous…I found you through suzie81!

    Hell Week would be the natural companion to my recent creation called “What The Hell?” week. Wherein at the end of everyday of failed endeavors you meditate and repeat the new mantra “What The Hell Was I Thinking?”


    1. Well hello to you too,

      Haha yes it sounds like hell week and your creation “what the hell was I thinking?” Go hand in hand as I suspect I will be saying a lot of that.

      Very nice to meet you 😊
      Thanks to Suzie81 for a great initiative 😊

  2. Hey! Found you via Suzie and wanted to wish you luck for next week! I’m getting back on the healthy eating and fitness bandwagon next week – so I suppose that’s a little bit the same, right? With kids and work, it’s always a juggling act. I haven’t figured it out yet – so I’m open to any insights 😉

    1. Hello to you, sounds like you are planning something in the same spirit as hell week. I was set to start today but I found out that I had to read the book and carefully plan the week first so the new launch date is February 9. I think the secret to juggling family and everything is just that…careful planning. I thank you for your well wishes and wish you luck as well. I will be posting my experiences along the way of my hell week and hopefully they can be of some use to you…I’ll be popping over to your site now and see what you are up to 😉 xx

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