A little less to do and such…


So the final guest list has been made and I’ve been tracking down addresses for a large portion of the day. If everyone comes we should be 48 all together including the bride and groom. That seems like the right sized wedding party for what we have envisioned. Mrlovely is at the shops, as I write this, to buy stamp and then the save the date cards will be off, off and away…and another big box will be ticked off my list!!!

King winter suddenly decided to make an appearance and the snow is bucketing down. Oliver and I also decided that this was a good time to become poorly… Not full on flue, just a fever and a headache. You know the kind of illness that just sucks away at your energy and makes everything a chore and leaves you knackered. I have gotten my things done however and with the fire burning all day long this little set back has almost been enjoyable…almost!!!

This weekend we are all off on a ski trip again so main objective is for everyone to get in tip, top shape before Friday…I’m feeling positive. It will be interesting to see how our ski adventures go this time, I think Oliver and I should group together and practice, practice, practice… Who knows perhaps by the end of the weekend we will be lean, mean, skiing machines… Or something like that. The snow and winter makes a nice change from the grey, dull weather we have been enduring but my head is sort of in summer time so slightly contradictory feelings going on in this lady at the moment.

It’s midweek and I feel like I’m on top of my game and I really like that. There is nothing worse than feeling like there are a thousand things you should do and wondering when you’re supposed to do them. 2014 has not disappointed yet, I’ll be starting a university course on the 28th of January as well and I’m really pleased about that. I feel like as long as I stay on top of everything one step at a time then I can’t lose… That my friends feels pretty darned good!!!

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