Step by step DIY save the date wedding cards.


So the post I was going to write yesterday I’m writing today. Writing the post meant I had to do the work and today I rolled my sleeves up and spent a few hours doing the graft!!! It was important that the save the date cards which are a forerunner to the invitations, give an indication to the guests what sort of wedding this is. The cards are simple and quite rough but I feel the envelopes add a little hint of elegance.

If we had gotten a hold of the right size and the right color labels then we would have used that. We didn’t get a hold of what we envisioned however so we had to make them instead. We took a little trip to Panduro arts and crafts shop and bought lots of supplies.


Step 1. Making the template. I used graph paper, measured out the size of the cards then cut it out. I then used the same template to make a more sturdy template in card, I saved the paper one however since it would be easier to measure dimensions with it later.


Step 2. Printing and cutting. Thankfully we were able to print the text on the cards. If you have nice handwriting you can obviously write it yourself although this is more time consuming. Mrlovely was also able to cut out the printed cards into rectangles at work, this could also be done by hand.




Step 3. Cutting into the shape you want. We wanted the save the date cards to look like old fashioned labels and what we had were rectangles. Using the cardboard template I measured, drew and cut the corners off all the cards.



Step 4. Making holes. We wanted the cards to be labels as I’ve mentioned so we needed to punch holes in all the cards. A hole punch won’t do because the holes will come out crooked (believe me I tried on some dummy models). I used the paper template to find the exact center and punched the holes out with the kind of tool you use to make holes in a belt (I don’t know what it’s called).



Step 5. Stamps, decoration. Now comes the fun part…decorating. We had bought some nice ink stamps. I put our initials on a block, far enough apart so that we could put a pretty heart in the middle, obviously on the blank side of the card. So a two step operation: initials stamp then heart stamp. On this part I just tried to get the stamps as straight as I could.


Step 6. String/twine. Now I just had to cut long enough pieces of twine, thread through the hole in the card and tie the ends together.



Step 7. Stamp the envelopes. I put a little heart stamp on the back of the ivory envelopes to tie it in with the labels I made. Pictures above shows front and back of finished labels.

The save the date cards are super simple, the invitations will be a little bit more fancy. It’s not rocket science, it takes a bit of time and some accuracy. They are not perfect but they are personal, I made them myself!!! I’m pretty happy with today’s efforts…now we just have to address the envelopes and ship them off. It should be said that we are NOT having a big wedding, if I had to make 300 labels I think I may have found a different solution. There are limits to my patience…😉


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10 thoughts on “Step by step DIY save the date wedding cards.

  1. Wow! What a great Idea. I wish I could’ve been more creative with my invitations. I am having 128 guests total at my wedding in March 2014. Great job and I’m loving your ideas!

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