Is he mr nice guy??? Then he’s probably a keeper!!!


I was all set to write a post on step by step DIY save the date cards today…then I started reading my feed for the blogs I follow and came across this What about Mr. Nice Guy?. It started out about Buffy the Vampire Slayer a show I have indulged in, then it started on about bad boys and nice guys. Well I have been around for a few years and I have sampled some different flavors and I can honestly say that nice guys should not finish last!!!

Sure bad boys can seem exciting in their unpredictability…when you are 17 years old but there comes a point in your life when you should have finished playing around and you should start making wiser decisions. I want a guy who calls when he says he’s going to and who shows you a little respect and consideration.

It is not a secret that mrlovely is a nice guy. There are so many reasons why he is the best choice for me contra a bad boy. A nice guy is just that…nice!!! He will show consideration for your feelings. I’ve always believed that your partner should also be your best friend and that is what you get with mr nice guy.

In my dating days the game playing between men and women drove me nuts!!! Where is it written that you should wait three days before you call someone after a date??? Often if the girl calls the guy she will seem pushy and desperate and the guys well they just have to ‘play’ it cool don’t they??? Some girls these days will scowl at a man for holding the door open and pulling out your chair…it’s like they’re saying ‘I’m an independent woman don’t you know’. I’m all for good old fashioned gentlemanly behavior, it makes me feel like a dainty little thing and I like that. Now a bad boy is notorious for being unreliable, canceling dates, disappearing for days on end…if he holds your car door open it is only so he can slap your bum as you get in the car.

Dating isn’t easy I’ll be the first to admit that but we don’t have to complicate things and make it MORE difficult do we??? We should learn from our teenage years when we faff about with bad boys, bring that education into our adult lives. I’m saying… Do you want a guy to call you when he says he will? Do you want an open and honest relationship? Do you want to avoid the game playing and call your guy when you want to? Do you want someone who respects you? Someone who values you for who you are? Someone you trust? Someone who is your best friend as well as your lover??? Well if the answer is yes to all of these then congratulations…you are ready for mr nice guy!!!


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