June 28, my wedding day (Daily post fast forward challenge)

Daily post, fast forward

I have read various challenges by the daily post, often felt like participating but have never taken the plunge to do so. Today however I am going to rise to the challenge.

If I could fast forward to a specific date then I would fast forward to June 28, 2014. It is not a huge leap, just a few months away but that is my wedding day, the day we become mr and mrs lovely!!! In my mind I can see the way that I want it to look… Light and romantic, white peonies placed in rustic jam jars all around. I will be wearing my wedding dress, the dress that makes me feel like a dainty ballerina, mrlovely is in a light beige summery suit. I see smiles all around me, people happy for us and cheering us on. I see a huge smile right in front of me as mrlovely leans in to give me a little kiss, I return the grin before I close my eyes and our lips touch.

I have been wondering how I will feel on this day, I get uselessly sentimental for all sorts of things these days but I really don’t fancy crying all the way through my wedding…I’m sure I’ll be fine, I’ll pull myself together like I usually do in touching situations. I know it will feel so right though, say what you want, be skeptical but I KNOW…and so does mrlovely.


We have come to a point in our lives where we have tried and tested what works and what doesn’t. ‘We have lived and we have learned’ as the cliche says…but it’s true. At this stage where we have done a fair bit of soul searching and gained a whole lot of self insight, we are truly able to know when it really is right. We didn’t really even have to work at it much it just sort of happened, like two little magnets we were drawn together and got stuck there, quite happily 😊

The reason I would fast forward to this day is simply because I expect it to be a day of pure joy. Two deliriously happy people who make a bench mark for the beginning of their lives together. All the planning and the stress involved in said planning will be over…all we have to do is sit back and enjoy!!!


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