Precious little angel (2)


We are all off to a really good start in the new year. The kids are settled into the routine of school again and both mrlovely and I are in a really productive, good steam in all aspects of life really. Today’s post is dedicated to the most beautiful girl I know of, my daughter Ulrikke (almost 12). I write this because I want to but also because she felt she deserves her own post since Oliver got one Precious little angel (1) and she is absolutely right!!!

When I say she is the most beautiful girl I know of,it’s not because she is physically beautiful (because she is) and it’s not because I am her mother but because there is something really special that lives inside this little girl. She is very smart, rational, fairness is very important to her, as it should be. There is a pure sweetness though that occupies this little girls heart. I have always said this. It is also fascinating to me when I see the person she is developing into, of course I have influenced and guided her in her values and beliefs but she is very much her own person. In many ways she is wise and rational beyond her years, nothing “gets” to her, there is always a simple solution and I really admire that in her. She has talked sense into me several times.

I have been a single mother for several years and I was alone with Ulrikke from the age of six months until I met Oliver’s father (when she was almost five). For a while there though it was just us girls. We have been through a fair bit together and when I got divorced from Oliver’s dad we all became a tight knit little unit (Oliver was one at the time). She is fiercely loyal and she definitely gets that from me…



This wonderous little creature is at an age where hormones are raging through her body and sometimes she is totally irrational. She’ll drive me absolutely nuts so I’ll just try my best at keeping a level head and talk sense into the girl. If there is no reasoning with her, then I’ll leave it for while. Suddenly she will come and apologize to me and tell me that she doesn’t have control over her feelings sometimes. Insightful little girl I think to myself… At this very moment she is curled up in bed with ‘Breaking Dawn’ of the twilight saga, to my great delight. We are both Twihards and no I am not ashamed to admit that!!! This is something Ulrikke and I share, a frivolous thing that only us girls find true delight in… I see her changing and growing. I take care to cherish these moments while she is still a little girl while I wonder what kind of woman she will turn into. Regardless of what she becomes I love her fiercely and loyally, she is a little wonder…❤️



9 thoughts on “Precious little angel (2)

    1. Thank you so much! The name means powerful but I gave her the name just because I like it and it’s kind of a rare name here in Norway so that makes it a little more special 😊

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