Carry on DIY!!! (Making template for my save the date wedding cards)


Today has been a really good day!!! The rain has stayed away so I seized the opportunity to go for a run this morning. Mrlovely and I are contemplating entering our local triathlon this summer. It is not a heavy duty, full on competition, it would be more just for fun for the two of us. Neither of us have competed in a triathlon before but the Horten ByTri (name of the competition) seems like a good one to participate in. It is also a great way to get in shape, you have to train if you are going to compete…right??? The running and swimming aren’t too much of a problem for me, the cycling however….yikes, that would need some serious practice on my part. I haven’t cycled since I was 11 years old, I can balance but I look and feel uneasy and ridiculous!!! Anyway so I went for a run to keep in shape, get in shape and just because I wanted to.


The run gave me a boost of energy and I swiftly carried on with my tasks ahead… Templates for our wedding save the date card. I first drew and measured it out on graph paper, then I used the first template to cut a more substantial one out of card. I wrote the text we will be using, hopefully we can print it since both mrlovely and I write like chickens bunched up in a cat fight, it ain’t pretty. Then I tried out the stamps we bought and it turned out pretty nice, quite pleased with myself even if I do say so myself… They are very simple but when the whole lot comes together I feel they will be quite elegant too…Casual yet fabulous 😉


It feels good to be on a roll, just little steps towards the bigger goal. Now I better run off and make some dinner for my bunch… I have a feeling I’ll sleep well tonight and it feels great to be smiling all the way from the inside out!!! 😄😄😄

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5 thoughts on “Carry on DIY!!! (Making template for my save the date wedding cards)

  1. They look amazing! Wish I could do something like that, unfortunately I’m just gonna have to buy mine – not artistic enough!

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