Releasing my inner nerd ( the Tudors, a feast for the eyes and mind)


This is a truly silly post written on a rainy sunday, the day before school begins for the kids and Christmas break is truly over….

Mrlovely and I both enjoy to unwind and talk and watch various series after the kids have gone to sleep. Not too long ago we purchased the complete series of the Tudors, we have both heard great things about it and it came at a bargain price with a bonus disc to boot. We started watching it in the middle of December and have completed the series today (including the bonus disc). For anyone who hasn’t watched it I can highly recommend it!!!

The series is a true feast for the senses , fantastic actors, lavish and amazing costumes (imagine walking around in those dresses all day!!!) amazing locations, drama and not to mention some pretty important historical events!!! Mrlovely and I both got sucked inn to the world of the Tudors straight away. We are both a pair of nerds though and soon started to wonder about who is who, married to whom and who got their heads chopped off…so throughout the series Wikipedia has been my very good friend. I find it so fascinating, all of it!!! Their ways, their customs, laws and so forth. An episode that lasts an hour could easily take two. After we figured out the facts we had to discuss a bit as well, as you do. Mrlovely has informed me that I am the most nerdy girl he has ever been with, I take that as a compliment 😉 We did discover that there were quite a few historical inaccuracies early on in the series, a bit annoying at first but hey you must give them some artistic license!!!

Anyway, if you like passion, beautiful costumes and drama… I highly recommend you watch the Tudors, if you haven’t already done so.

This is me signing off on this rainy sunday evening, wishing you a good night and pray for a bit of sunshine tomorrow…


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8 thoughts on “Releasing my inner nerd ( the Tudors, a feast for the eyes and mind)

  1. Hi Pernille,
    Last year Thomas had to do a project on Henry VIII and all his wives. So while we were doing research I stumbled on this series and had to watch the whole thing. Great entertaining fun, although I doubt Henry VIII looked like Jonathan Rhys Meyers 🙂

    1. Well apparently Henry VIII was a bit of a hottie and very charismatic in his younger days…and I really didn’t mind watching Jonathan Rhys Meyers swanning around doing his interpretation 😉

    1. Hmmm….now there is a point, game of thrones is supposed to be fab too. I have a feeling I’ll be hooked right along with you very shortly. And rain you say??? Got absolutely soaked today!!! Give me some snow and a proper winter or whisk me away to somewhere hot and exotic…xxx

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