She’s crafty…( DIY wedding invitations )


I think I’m on a roll. After ticking the big box of wedding dress yesterday we carried on in the steam of things by dragging the whole gang off to Panduro crafts shop in Tønsberg. We have a deadline of sending out save the date cards by the end of the month, we also need to make our wedding invitations in the same style as the save the date cards. As I have mentioned before the style of our wedding is casual garden style and will be held at Tufte farm but there has to be a certain elegance to it, it’s all in the details… I was overjoyed when my mrlovely introduced me to Pinterest it was the perfect way to put pictures to my ideas. Mrlovely is also on Pinterest so he can go in and like the pins he likes and we both get a clear way of communicating about our view of our big day. So here is a little inspiration collage from my Pinterest casual garden style wedding board:


We are in total agreement of what we want the invitations etc. to look like now we just have to try to pull it off, so here is what we bought today:



We got a hold of old fashioned rough card and we were going to use twine which will also be used in my bouquet and some other flower arrangements. I felt this might be a bit rough on its own and we agreed that a touch of old fashioned ivory lace would soften it up. Ulrikke went bananas for the ye old England stamps so we decided this might be a lovely touch on the ivory wedding invitation envelopes. We also bought some simple stamps to liven up the simple invitations and church programs. So now we are all set to get started… I think it will look really nice just as long as we don’t make a right mess of it, I also feel there is something really special about home made invitations, a little personal touch. I am sure to post some pictures of our finished product…😉

As we were on a little family outing we decided to make the best of a rather gray dull day and went out for dinner…






In the midst of lovely day Oliver decided to get in a strop about something or other…. Ah well kids will be kids!!! All in all it’s been a truly nice day. Now I have to get my behind up in the couch and watch the hobbit with the rest of the gang and secretly plan some arts and crafts… 😉


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