Wedding dress ( one big step towards the big day)

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I believe I have mentioned that I like to plan things, it makes me feel safer in certain situations. I also believe I have mentioned that I am a list maker, lists help me complete my plans better. If there is an event that I am hosting or contributing to then I MUST have a set game plan or I will simply have a meltdown, and that just isn’t pretty!!! 😉

We are planning a rather huge event set this summer (June 28 to be exact) and for this event I want to have written all the lists, ticked all the boxes (at least twice) so that everything just runs smoothly and we can sit back and enjoy the day. The day in question is mrlovely and my wedding.

The run up to Christmas has been hectic starting with our Christmas party in the middle of November. All wedding plans have purposely been put on hold until Christmas was over but now it’s the new year and it’s time to get going again…

Just before Christmas I received a call from Trude at Kristin’s Brudesalong in Oslo, my wedding dress had arrived. We arranged for me to come in to try on my, MY…spanking new dress today. Yesterday of course I cut all my hair off and it’s been Christmas with all the usual food and treats so I was a bit nervous this morning when I started making my way into Oslo with my Badgley Mischa shoes, purchased on e bay, and with Ulrikke and my mom along for moral support. We arrived at Kristin’s Brudesalong at noon as arranged and went in to see Trude pull my dress out of the box. It’s kind of surreal standing there, watching her pull my dress out, that I am going to wear at such a big event. Anyway… I hopped into my shoes and the dress was carefully threaded over my head…she went to pull the zip up and the dress was snug, really snug, tight even. Another shop assistant was called over to help and finally the zip went up!!! Can you breathe? Trude asked me… Do I have to breathe? I replied… I was informed that the tailor could let the dress out a tiny bit…but I didn’t want the dress to be let out…I wanted it to be perfect!!!

I walked around in the dress for a while, there were a few other trinkets I needed to try to wear with it. After I had worn the dress for about half an hour the fabric yielded and moulded to my body, it was perfect after all. We did a little double check pulling the zip down and then up again…you know what??? That zip went up easy as pie. I was happy, I am happy!!! My hair looked nice with it, the dress was beautiful and I felt like a true princess ready for my big day!!!

That was one big box ticked today and now the countdown has truly begun towards the big day when we become mr. and mrs. Lovely!!! 😄😄😄


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