New Year… New Look… ( New Year makeover )


It is not a secret that I am a bit impulsive and spontaneous… My nearest and dearest know and appreciate this fact about me…(I hope 😉). I made an appointment to go to my hairdresser, Headhunters, right before Christmas. I was just going to get a trim and highlights…well that was the plan anyway… Last night however I asked mrlovely what he thinks of Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut… It had been playing on my mind you see, a very cool lady with a very cool look. He caught my drift and agreed that this would be a nice change. So I pinned away on Pinterest last night and trotted away to my hairdresser armed with pictures.

I sat down in the hairdresser chair and informed Marius, my much obliging hairdresser, what I intended to do. He was game but, there is a but here you see, how will this pan out for the wedding in just over six months time??? Well…my hair grows fast, I am not that precious about my hair anymore so I think it will be just fine. This will be fun then, Marius said, and started chopping away. A few hours later a new and very pleased lady emerged from the salon. Approval was also given by both children and mrlovely.

Tomorrow I’m off to Oslo with Ulrikke and my mom. My wedding dress has arrived and I’m very curious how my new look works with the dress…in all honesty I think it will be fine. As we are having a casual, yet stylish, wedding I feel like anything goes, if you make it work of course!!!

It is a new year and I felt like changing it up a bit… Some might say its a bit of a risk to chop off all your hair but like I said…it grows out, it’s only hair… No guts, no glory and all that. It feels like an appropriate start to the new year to me…😉


So this was me before….


And this is me now!!! A pretty happy me!!!

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7 thoughts on “New Year… New Look… ( New Year makeover )

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