Enjoying the spirit of it…


Today mrlovely, Oliver and I went for a truly cosy pre Christmas outing at Bærums verk. It’s like a little Christmas village with lots of old fashioned craft shops, reindeer slay rides and food stalls all in a very cute little setting. It was nice, no stress, no agenda just pure enjoyment. We did meet up with my mother in law to exchange gifts. This was done while grabbing an Italian pizza lunch at a quaint little restaurant there…so nope no stress at all this day. Everything is pretty much done except a little more grocery shopping for our Christmas lunch that mrlovely and I are hosting. Everyone has vacation for a little while now and the calmness has descended upon us all. 20131221-183924.jpg20131221-183947.jpg20131221-183959.jpg20131221-184014.jpg20131221-184030.jpg

I have faith that this will be one of the best Christmases in a long time, it will be the first one mrlovely and I spend together. It will be mrlovely’s first Christmas as a “family man” and that is kind of special for us all.20131221-184633.jpg20131221-185220.jpg20131221-185501.jpg


I hope this will be a joyous holiday season for us all. I think it can if we focus on love and understanding. It really doesn’t matter what or how many presents Santa leaves under the tree as long as we are all healthy and happy. So many of us are so lucky to have all that we have and that we are able to share it with the ones we love. So be safe and take care of each other this holiday season!!! Xxx

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