It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


The run up to Christmas is usually all stress but I must say this week has pretty much been all joy. All the presents have been bought and the house is decorated. Yesterday I took a waltz around the house with the mop so all I got to say is “Christmas I’m ready for you!!!”

On Tuesday I went to my friend miss J’s house to have girls club. It’s been a while since we have had a gathering and it was nice to catch up, eat Christmas porridge and have a nice girlie chat before Christmas. Miss M and miss C were also there to give the evening a proper injection of all things of the female persuasion. We talked about babies ( miss C has a little boy and miss J is expecting one very shortly), we talked about weddings (miss M is getting married next summer as am I) and of course we talked about Christmas presents… What we have wished for and what we have bought. Miss J had decorated the apartment to look like a little Christmas wonderland and we all had a truly lovely time.





Today I have had a late lunch with miss B and mrs. J. We talked, we ate, we exchanged presents, we laughed and the we wished each other a merry Christmas. It was nice, relaxing in what usually is a very stressful time. It was nice that we all took some time out and got caught up before we run off in different directions to celebrate with our families.

I have also been wrapping presents down at my mum and dads house. I honestly admit I am not a very good gift wrapper and received the help
I was offered from my mommie, readily. Mrlovely came to pick me up and spent some time talking to my dad while they waited for us girls to finish.

Tonight has been a nice relaxing evening with mrlovely and the kids. Talking, laughing and getting ready for the last day of school and work. It’s really nice when time just flows, when everything is sort of peaceful. My “be kind” campaign also seems to be working because both of my children have been very helpful and thoughtful the last few days, as have we grown ups. It’s nice when people make the time to spend some quality time together. I must say its enjoyable when things run smoothly at this time of year… In other words… It’s all good 😉



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