Precious little angel (1)…


Today I had a glorious start to the morning!!! My little angel/rascal Oliver (age 6) and the rest of his first grade class had a little Christmas performance. He is staying at his dads this week so it was really lovely to see him. I went to his school with my mom to see the little ones do some singing and dancing. He was so pleased to see us too and that really melts your heart. They were really good and I was fighting back the tears as I sat there.


All serious and precious he stood there singing his little heart out. The boy behind him kept goofing off a bit but Oliver just gave him a look saying…”this is serious business”!!! I was so proud and when they did the birdie dance he got right into it, smiley and cheeky but dead on the beat…really quite impressive I must say.


To me Christmas is all about my children. The biggest joy is really spending time with them and sharing in their joy. I always worry that they won’t have enough presents under the tree and then they wind up having way too many. It really isn’t all about the Christmas gifts!!! Christmas can also be a difficult time of year for me. Like too many of us I am divorced. This means that every other Christmas eve I don’t have both of my children with me. Since for me Christmas is all about my children, this fact is a pretty bitter pill to swallow, but what can you do??? You just have to find a way to live with it. The kids on the other hand get to celebrate Christmas several times over.

This year is one of the years when I don’t have both kids with me. I am getting, I can’t say used to it but perhaps, complacent with the fact that it is what it is. I have noticed I distance myself from as much Christmas stress as I can. I plan and think and organize my thoughts so that I’m sure that every moment I spend with them will be heavenly. Next year will be different (a mantra to myself), next year will be all pleasure and zero pain. Again it’s all about grabbing the moments you have and making the most of them. I am not saying that this Christmas won’t be nice, by any means…but there will be a little something missing…

What can I do??? I love my kids, so sue me for being a little selfish and wanting them all to myself…😉



P. S. All Oliver wants for Christmas is his two front teeth!!!

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