Love, love, love!!!


Saturday turned out to be a really lovely day from start to finish. I smelled the wonderful aroma of the soup that had been prepared for lunch and after I tasted it I was not disappointed. It was a nice warming Thai chicken soup. After lunch we all relaxed a bit. It was a large cabin and we were 12 people all together to celebrate mrs. J’s 40++ birthday (aka 50). There was a pool and jacuzzi as well which tempted a few of our party goers…


Later we all got dressed up, the men in shirts and slacks and the ladies in little dresses and heels. I had been wondering what to wear before the trip and had ended up with a beautiful velvet dress. Well the dress was actually my mom’s tunica style top from the eighties. Goes to show that good quality and style never goes out of fashion. I felt utterly casually fabulous in my minidress that had a little feel of sixties retro. The birthday girl had bought herself a black moods of Norway dress and looked like a rock and roll princess.

Dinner was ordered from a local hotel and arrived at seven. It was delicious turkey, lots of vegetables and a creamy mushroom sauce. We ate, chatted, laughed and enjoyed ourselves.


Our hostess had specifically requested that no speeches were to be held but of course quite a few of us had to say a few words in this occasion. Mrs. J is my very dearest friend and I am quite an emotional sap, so when I felt the tears pricking in the corners of my eyes and my voice started shacking, I decided that was enough said 😉

We were a few people who had gotten together to buy mrs. J a gift she would truly appreciate. I know that she has been drooling, lusting, dreaming of a blue Michael Kors classic tote bag. On mrlovely and my trip to London this was one of the things to get… I saw a Michael Kors shop in Bond street on our way to Tiffany’s and thought I would try my luck there. I had been informed by mrs. J that the blue tote (last years model) was sold out in Norway. She had looked on the net too, as had I but could not find it. I went into the Michael Kors store and could not see the bag on display. A very helpful sales lady offered her help, I explained what I was after, she told me she had one left in the back storage room….destiny!!! I was really pleased with my purchase but when we presented mrs. J with her gift our joy was almost equal. She loved, loved, loved her bag and it was BLUE!!! She would have been happy if it was black but she was ecstatic that it was blue….ahhhh, that truly is the joy of giving.



She also received a beautiful Calvin Klein necklace in just the right color and design so we can safely say we had a happy birthday girl on our hands in somewhat contrast to the lady that had met us the night before 😉


The rest of the evening was spent chatting and laughing, no drama and no stress just a nice evening to celebrate a lovely lady…








On Sunday mrlovely and I drove back home and picked up the kids. The snow I ordered from the weather gods had finally arrived. We shoveled snow and played a bit before we went in to light the fire and eat dinner. It was a perfect ending to a great weekend. This week will be hectic with work stuff for both mrlovely and me, lots of late evenings. The Christmas dance show for la Salle de danse is this weekend. As I have choreographed two numbers and Ulrikke is performing in it, there will be lots of rehearsing. I think the important thing to do is to make the best of the time we all have together and get through the hustle and bustle as smoothly as possible…😊

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