Strangers in the night…


Last night mrlovely, miss B and I hopped in the car to go on a cabin trip to celebrate mrs. J’s birthday. Storms have been raging in Norway and mrs. J called me just before we left. I was informed by a rather perturbed birthday girl that all the electricity had been knocked out. She kindly offered that we come down the next day but we were already packed and ready to go so we offered to bring some extra candles and make the most of it, we were going on a cabin trip after all!!!

On the two hour trip down to the cabin we chatted and laughed looking forward to the weekend. As we were getting closer we called mr. J to ask for further directions into the woods. As we approached the cabin mr. J came out to meet us and guide us the rest of the way. The look in the man’s eyes was that of fear…he looked at us and said “you have to help me!!!” Mrs. J was not a happy bunny you see. She is a woman with the equal amount of control issues as me. She had it all planned out in her head… A lovely soup was going to greet us with its lovely aroma, the fire was going to be raging, beds made, table set and so on. It was cold and dark outside but the atmosphere inside was black and freezing (mrs. J!!!) The fire was burning warm and cozy, candles were lit everywhere but the warmth had not reached our hostess.

We all sprung into motion lighting more candles, finding bowls of snacks, chit-chatting as we went but it was not budging the mood of mrs. J. She is almost always a lively woman with an infectious smile so this dark cloud was new to most of us. We sorted out some food and drinks and slowly the ice was melting. By the time two more guests arrived, the spell was broken and we were all smiling and laughing about the black hole that was mrs. J 😉20131207-150453.jpg20131207-150507.jpg20131207-150521.jpg20131207-150533.jpg

When the last two guests of the evening arrived all was right in the world. By one thirty the lights came on and a roar of laughter emerged from everyone.20131207-152816.jpg

This morning we all had a lovely breakfast together. After breakfast we went for a beautiful walk in the cold sunshine and as I write this I can smell that the previously mentioned soup is just about ready. Tonight is party night with food, drink and merry…

Sometimes things just don’t go exactly the way you planned it and sometimes that is just fine… This weekend trip to a little cabin in the woods will be something I remember and I have a pretty good feeling about tonight too 😉20131207-153957.jpg20131207-154007.jpg20131207-154017.jpg20131207-154040.jpg


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