Seek shelter from the storm!!!


There is a reported storm approaching Norway. It is advised to stay indoors until it has passed…

It has been a pretty normal Thursday but when I went to pick up Oliver from school this reported storm could definitely be felt. The wind was whipping the rain around and we felt the cold slapping us in the face. When we got home we decided to hide out in the sanctity of our home. We lit the fire to warm us through, all homework was done so today was a perfect opportunity for a nice relaxed family evening.

I had a big bag of peeled prawns in the freezer and found a new Jamie Oliver recipe to try, all I had to get was some vegetables. It turned out pretty darned tasty and four starving people were happily fed 😊


Conversation flowed, both lighthearted and serious. I love when my children are in the mood to share their thoughts, it’s not a given that they always spill the beans. When they do share though it’s nice because then you get a deeper understanding of what is going on in their little worlds. I am also very grateful that we trust each other enough to be completely open. A lot of silliness is always a given and I like that, a nice mix of serious and play. As I write this mrlovely and Ulrikke are baking a snickers cake…really looking forward to taste that!!!

When the storm is raging at its worst, then hide yourself away with the ones that you love the most…warm, safe and cozy 😉


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