Taking a trip down memory lane…


London I have truly missed you!!! It has been ten years since I saw you last. Thirteen years since I walked your streets and called you home.

The trip to London was pretty painless. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to grab some food and shop some duty free… Then it was just to play the waiting game…



Dressed casually fabulous ( comfort and style ), we were ready to take on the busy streets of London. We arrived late in the evening. We were starving and got some food from the large selection that was on offer at Victoria street station (not very glamorous at all but it hit the spot). We arrived at the London bridge hotel at about 11. Checked in, had a drink in the hotel bar then off to bed. Today our first port of call was Tiffany’s in old Bond street. Bond street, new and old is a wonderland of everything shiny, sparkling, designer and expensive. I fell in love twice today!!! First in Prada then in the Michael Kors store.





London is done up beautifully in gorgeous Christmas spirit, you cannot help getting in a proper Christmas cheer along side hundreds of people and thousands of other tourists.

After our little shopping errand we went to meet the wonderous princess R at the Wolseley in Piccadilly. I have not seen this girl for a few years but she is the sort of friend that you just pick up with where you left off. It was the first time princess R and mrlovely met each other too and I must say that he managed to hold it together pretty well during the rigorous interrogations 😉


After our long lunch mrlovely and I went to see a big show (Phantom of the Opera) something I’ve never done in London. It’s nice to experience firsts with mrlovely and seeing a show in London is just one of those things you have to do at least once in your lifetime.


I realize that I’ve missed London. I’ve missed being part of a big crowd, the friendly people everywhere you go, the culture, history, the atmosphere…



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