Always look on the bright side…


I woke up today in a bit of a funk. Yes the tidying yesterday made me feel lighter but this funk somehow comes and goes. I have so many things to be grateful for but somehow the bad overshadow the amazing. On Friday mrlovely and I are traveling to London. We are going to celebrate my birthday which is on Sunday, here I think lies the root to my funk. Not the London part but the birthday part. I feel like I'm having a minor midlife crisis, I cannot believe I'm actually admitting that… When I get in these moods I take the advice of my 11 year old daughter… " Mom you know you are good enough just the way you are…inside you" that makes me smile. My daughter has been rewarded with an amazing gift which is part of what makes her unique, she can let all sorts of things just wash over her. Where I need to process, she just brushes things off. Being told by your daughter to basically get it together is kind of refreshing. It is silly to go around and ponder on irrelevant things, it is time to put all the positive things in my life center stage…and smile!!!


1. I have two wonderful children.
2. I have an amazing man in my life who loves and respects me.
3. I have some beautiful friends in my life (I am going to meet the wonder that is princess R in London this weekend).
4. My parents are fantastic and they are proud of me.
5. I get to give all these amazing, beautiful people all my love and you know what??? I’m good at that!!!

A little positive thinking and gratitude goes a long way. I have many more things I can put on my list but these five are my main things that I am thankful for. So I shall smile, take a leaf out of Ulrikke’s book and let the nonsense wash over me. It is not the end of the world to turn 25 years old!!!I have been turning 25 for 13 years 😉 I should be used to it by now…silly me…😊


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