Cleaning out the clutter…


I didn’t do all the things I should have done yesterday. I do not feel an ounce of guilt about that. The kids were being really funny, dressing up in each other’s clothes and we had a nice relaxed atmosphere in the house. Today however I had some things to get done. I had to clean and declutter. The house is usually pretty tidy but the cupboards are a different story. I find that the tidiness of my house reflects the stress levels in my body, sounds a little bit strange perhaps but I know I’m not the only one to feel this way. Since cleaning out the clutter of my cupboards is quite a big job, I decided to start little…the bathroom.


Before I got started I made a nice warming soup with lots of vegetables and some left over meat I had to use. I let the soup simmer, stirring occasionally while I set about the business of cleaning. It is a total bore to clean but it always makes me feel a little bit lighter and happier afterwards.


This is what my bathroom drawers and cupboards looked like before I got started…shocking I know!!! I gave myself plenty of time I was brutal and threw away two bags full of “stuff”. After two hours I had chucked away, cleaned shelves and drawers with soap and water, it was an organized wonderland in our bathroom.


You may think it strange to write a post about such a boring, tedious task as cleaning? There is a point to all this… It is therapeutic to tidy up your mess, it also makes for an easier day to day life. I go mad sometimes when things pour out of nooks and crannies. When everything has it’s rightful place it just goes smoother and you may get a minute or two extra to do something you enjoy or spend with the ones you love. I feel I cleaned some cobwebs out of my mind in the process as well 😉

After mrlovely got home we ate some nice warming soup, I had added a chili for extra heat. Ulrikke went off to dance rehearsals, at seven I ran down to work to have my funk class. Great class, blew off loads of steam. Now after a nice hot shower all I have to do is sit back, relax and maybe watch an episode of Fringe or two… Lovely 😊

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