Magic moments…

This is a recap of the week that has gone. I got the idea from a blog that I follow, A Spoonful of StyleI felt it was a really nice way to remember the highlights of the week that has gone.20131124-134931.jpg

Monday: Homework day! Not a particularly exciting Monday but a day that gave me a nice warm feeling inside. As I was jetting around the kitchen making dinner and preparing lunch boxes for the following day, mrlovely took on homework duty. With the kids seated at the butcher block in the kitchen we were all together and still getting a lot done. They were so cute that I took a sneaky snap of them 😊20131124-135806.jpg

Tuesday: An unexpected date night! Since mrlovely and I were getting up really early the kids stayed at my mom and dads, so the grown ups got to spend a little bit of quality time together.20131124-140115.jpg

Wednesday: I put my nerdy pants on and a Helmut Lang sweater. Mrlovely and I went to a morning lecture and had a romantic morning together while learning about Content Marketing.20131124-140945.jpg

Thursday: Now where did the time go??? As we were preparing for our weekend ski trip Ulrikke, Oliver and I got to spend some truly lovely quality time together while mrlovely had a work event that evening.20131124-141731.jpg

Friday: On the go, go, go. We were finally on our way. A long car ride was ahead of us but spirits were high 😊20131124-142304.jpg

Saturday: Ski bunnies. Mrlovely and to some extent Ulrikke schooled Oliver and me in cross country skiing. A lot of fun and a little bit painful 😉20131124-142700.jpg

Another big event on Saturday night was that Oliver lost his front tooth during dinner. This was a long awaited event, we have all been itching to pull out the dangling tooth. A little shock, some blood and tears, then great pride from my six year old.



Sunday: Remembering the magic moments. We took it easy this morning before we strolled down to the breakfast buffet. We all ate a hearty breakfast including Oliver who has been a bit off food because of his loose tooth. After we had checked out we found a remote area to practice some more skiing. Since we weren’t just going up and down a hill but actually across, there was definite improvement. I have faith that there are some awesome skiers living inside of us, the will is certainly there 😉 Now we are on our way home. Oliver has fallen asleep and Ulrikke is singing along to the radio, so business as usual.

I wanted to do this recap as a little way of remembering all the little beautiful things that happen in my very ordinary life. To me it’s all about really appreciating the little things that make my ordinary life…magic 😊

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