Ski bunnies…


After arriving quite late last night and after a long car ride, a nice hotel room and a lovely dinner was very welcome. It was apparent that it had been a long trip when Oliver not only fell asleep in the car but also proceeded to fall asleep at the dinner table. When I gently nudged Oliver and asked him if he wanted some ice cream for dessert and he replied no, I knew an early night was in order! To be honest an early night was appreciated by everyone.


This morning we got up early and enjoyed a buffet breakfast before jetting off to our ski adventure. There isn’t that much snow at Geilo right now so there aren’t that many cross country tracks to choose from. We opted, or I should say mrlovely thought it was smart to practice the basics in a little hill at the side of the slalom slope first. We got our skis on after a few clumsy attempts. It’s slippery business skiing… As it turns out Ulrikke is quite good, she has been skiing with her dad before, it was only Oliver and I who were the hopeless cases. As I mentioned we were practicing in a little hill so we were either going up or down. For me the going up part was all right but the going down was a different story…I have a bit of a sore bottom to put it mildly… I was hoping to practice going ACROSS the ground but we found out that we had to take a 3 1/2 kilometer hike before we could do that, so we carried on practicing in our little hill instead.

I felt I should be brave, face my fears if you will, and just go for it down the hill, we had the area all to ourselves. I worked my way to the top ready to go down, I was having trouble ploughing so I had no way of breaking or slowing down other than to throw myself to the ground, very elegant I must say…😉 As I stood at the top ready to go suddenly out of nowhere came a little girl, who must have been about eight, zooming gracefully UP the hill…I stood there watching feeling quite silly. The little girl then zoomed down the hill, ploughing and turning with ease…I shall NOT be phased out by this girl I thought, I shall watch her then learn from her technique. And so I did, I watched her going up and down the hill several times and you know what??? She didn’t fall once!!! The coast was clear and I practically had the hill to myself again…time to make my move… I set off, ploughing a little, turning once and then boom down on my bum. We carried on together a little more, then called it a day. We all agreed to not give up on skiing but to make sure we go straight across, not up and down the ground next time.





After our ski adventure we were all hungry and decided to get some lunch in town. We ate pizza, a Caesar salad for me, chatted and laughed.


When we got back to the hotel we decided to go for a swim and sauna at the hotel’s spa facilities. More fun was had by everyone and even if this is just a weekend excursion it is definitely worth it. Now we are having some down time before dinner. I feel an early night is calling us all tonight as well…

When we get home I think I shall ask the weather gods to send some snow to Horten. Then Oliver and I can make some ski tracks in the garden and practice. I will become a competent skier!!! I have set my goal… Just you wait and see…😉

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