Now…where did the time go???


I do believe I was dead to the world last night! It’s not like I usually have trouble sleeping but last night I slept extra soundly, I guess I was tired. This morning after I sent the kids off to school, I felt like I had all the time in the world. I decided to work a bit on my blog theme and layout, still have some finishing touches to do but I feel like I’m getting somewhere. It was a nice and relaxing activity. I took the computer with me to bed along with my coffee and some breakfast. Before I knew it the time was almost one o’clock, time to pick up Oliver and I was still in my pj’s. I now didn’t have time to get dressed so I threw on my sunglasses and some strawberry lip balm and ran off to pick up the little rascal.

Ulrikke wasn’t finished in school until two and we had errands in town today. We got home and I finally got dressed by the time Ulrikke arrived home. This weekend we are going away to a ski resort. Mrlovely is a very competent skier, I have not skied since I was just a little older than Ulrikke and my kids have not been brought up to be avid outdoorsmen either. I believe I have mentioned before that I am not your typical Norwegian girl/woman. I used to be a competent skier though, about a hundred years ago… Anyway, we are going to a ski resort so the kids and I were in need of skis, mrlovely and I decided to try the cross country variety this first time. So off we went the three of us strolling in the biting cold wind down to our local sports shop, sport1.


We were in need of quite a few things, and our friend, who works there, was very helpful and the whole affair was done swiftly and painlessly.



While our skis were being fitted with bindings the three of us decided to go to stallen, a local cafe/restaurant/gallery to eat dinner. It should be mentioned that mrlovely is at a work do tonight and therefore could not participate in our adventures. Oliver and I opted for burgers and Ulrikke ordered a huge plate of nachos. While we sat there I had to ask myself again…where did the time go??? I sat there looking at my two little darlings who are not so little anymore. My kids can drive me nuts…give me a mother who claims her kids don’t ever drive her nuts and I will raise some serious questions. Tonight however we had one of those really lovely times that leave your insides all squishy for no apparent reason, just love I guess. Sometimes I catch myself looking at Ulrikke in awe at how grown up she has become and then she’ll turn around and do something totally childish, thank goodness for that. Or I’ll listen to little Oliver and all his amazing stories and smile to myself because I know that some of that imagination he inherited from me. He is becoming more and more independent he even told me the other day that he has given up the pee pee, poo poo jokes after he became a first grader. Today he burst into fits of laughter after telling me a fart joke…bless their little cotton socks. They are precious little people and I love the times I am reminded of how wonderful they are.

After dinner we picked up our skis and stuff and headed home. It is now bedtime for missy and mr…I’m really excited for this weekend and now secretly counting the minutes until mrlovely gets home so we can snuggle up, sleep and then get the weekend started.


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