Christmas in November???


The day of our early Christmas party arrived! After list making, shopping, cleaning, planning and organizing it arrived. All day Friday was spent preparing the food and on Saturday (day of the party) I was really glad it was done. Including mrlovely and myself 22 people were about to invade our little home. I woke up with butterflies in my tummy and we set to work at 11, just finishing touches really. I had a time schedule in my head of when things were to go in the oven and in which order. At 1 o’clock I had a minor panic, mrlovely gave me a hug and told me that I couldn’t have more control on the situation, this was in the bag. I know…I really am working on my control issues. By 3 o’clock everything was done, food and plates/glasses/cutlery/serviettes/flowers/candles had been placed, the guests weren’t arriving until 7 so all we had to do was get dressed and start warming the food.




By six o’clock we were dressed and ready, heating things and pretty much just waiting for our guests to arrive.




I had thrown on a black backless jumpsuit my Maria Black jewlery and painted my lips bright red. Mrlovely was looking smart in a nice pair of slacks and a shirt…we were ready to party!

On the Friday in the midst of my big cook off our new tv unit, which wasn’t due to arrive until Christmas, was suddenly being delivered at our door. Perfect timing!!! So while I carried on in the kitchen, mrlovely installed the tv unit and we were super pleased with the results!!!


At 7 o’clock our guests started arriving in hordes. We were presented with flowers and gifts and it was a frenzy of hello kisses and unwrapping of the loveliest of little things. When everyone had arrived we welcomed our friends and then we ate, chatted and laughed the rest of the evening. It was such a lovely atmosphere and we have gotten so much appreciative feedback that it was all so, so worth it!!! Smiles and conversation hung loosely on everyone’s lips and mrlovely and I have declared the event as a success…just what we wished the evening would be. It was fun to bring my friends and his friends together, a rather motley crew really, different people and personalities makes it all a bit more interesting I think 😉 the evening was so enjoyable that mrlovely and I have decided to make our early Christmas party a tradition, an annual event 😊





Our menu for the evening was tapas. I say the word tapas loosely meaning little nibbles eaten on little plates while people walk around and mingle. As requested by some of our lovely party goers I am including three of my super easy tapas “favorites”.

Meatballs in tomato sauce:
I cheated and bought Swedish meatballs to save time but the secret is really in the sauce.
Depending on how much you make…
One tin of crushed tomatoes
One cube of vegetable stock
One table spoon of cider vinegar
About 1/2 tablespoon of sugar
A good dash of crushed dried chilies (all depending on how spicy you want it)
Heat in a big pan (I use my leCreuset) and taste to season as needed
Add meatballs when the sauce is right

Cocked ham and cream cheese bites:
A packet of good cocked ham (sandwich cold cuts)
One packet of Philadelphia cream cheese
One bunch of spring onions sliced in tiny rings.
Mix Philadelphia cheese and spring onion together and spread on the ham. Roll the pieces of ham and cream cheese together in a long sausage shape and cut into bite sized pieces with a sharp knife.

Chicken and Parma ham strips:
Cut pieces of chicken fillets into strips (I like doing this with a good pair of scissors)
Roll each chicken strip in Parma ham and a sprig of rosemary
Put in an oven proof tray and cook for about 20 minutes on 200C or until the chicken is cocked and the ham is slightly crisp
I like to serve this with a sour cream and mustard sauce:
One box sour cream
A generous dollop of mayonnaise
Two tbl spoons of Dijon mustard
A pinch of salt and pepper

As I mentioned all of the food was prepared the day before the party so everything had plenty of time to marinade!!!

All food should be served and eaten with an abundance of love…😉

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