Happy Thursday, happy Halloween, happy all around…


Today’s post may be one of those sickening posts that is all rosy, happy and lovvey…For that I apologize but I am not really sorry 😉

Today I woke up with the kind of love and pure joy in my heart that makes it feel like your heart is going to burst… The reason for this is simply that I am happy!!! In love with life, my beautiful kids and a wonderful man…so what do I do??? I savor the feeling and try to enjoy every moment of it. There is nothing in particular that has happened but this sort of thing happens when I seem to be totally in tune with myself and the universe.

I have an idea of how people perceive me and I KNOW who I am, these two don’t always see eye to eye and that can be frustrating. There is the part of me that doesn’t give a toss about what people think and then there is the super sensitive part of me that lets other people’s opinions affect me… When I just let things bounce off me that is when I “tune in”. I mean I am always me but not always all that I can be…does that make sense??? Anyway…it is the positive things that are feeding my soul at the moment. When that happens all the negatives get pushed aside… It’s things like Ulrikke being an absolute sweetheart raking up the leaves in the garden just because she wants to. Like mrlovely giggling like a little boy when he tells me that he loves me. The fact that it’s date night and I look forward to talking to my man about all sorts of nonsense that makes sense to just him and me, and that I am blessed with friends and family that love and support me.

It seems to me that when you find out who your true friends are, the people in your life who see you for who you are and you see them…good and bad. The people you want to make happy because they make you happy, so it’s a pleasure to return the favor…when you figure this out then you put all your focus on them and don’t give a monkeys about the rest of them with their funny ideas and opinions. That it when you get in tune with yourself and the whole darned universe. That is what makes you ridiculously happy. That is what fills you up with love and joy. That is what makes me sound super, duper cheesy!!! But it’s good, it’s freakin’ fantastic!!! 😄😄😄


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About PR_Pernille

Bachelor i Pr og Markedskommunikasjon fra Handelshøyskolen BI Oslo. Bloggen min er en platform for meg å dele tanker og ideer rundt kommunikasjonsbransjen. Jeg har nylig opprettet mitt eget kommunikasjonsbyrå, Lovlie Communication, men jeg jakter fortsatt etter drømmejobben.