The big picture…according to me…

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

Robert Frost


Sometimes everything just seems to flow better than at other times, this my friends, is what you call life. Having expressed a bit of frustration at the universe for throwing the flue, a full moon and sometimes just difficult people in my direction, I now must express my deep gratitude for feeling that everything is ok. This is not a permanent state of being I know that but I feel I’ve learned the importance of cherishing this feeling while it lasts.

Last night when mrlovely got home from work he was literally like a little sunbeam. There was no particular reason for this, he just feels happy he says, and what is better than that? I on the other hand felt a little bit under the weather…still…and to be honest I felt quite sorry for myself… We had time to eat dinner before I had to rush off to have my evening funk class. Put my new training shoes on, head pounding, stuffed up nose and off I went. The class was fantastic!!! It gave me a real kick. When I got home my little sunbeam was running around the house at full force. Kids were ready for bed, homework was done, a new lamp had been hung in the previously dark hallway and he was still smiling, really happy!!! That sort of behavior is seriously contagious…and hey…that is perfectly fine by me. So there we were four happy campers in our little home. Bedtime went relatively smoothly and when mrlovely and I sat down to unwind it was in blissful joy.

As I woke this morning the good feeling of the day before was still lingering in me. I have a bit more oomph in me to help me get through what really is a rather hectic day… Like I said this is not a permanent state of mind but if I appreciate it when it’s here it can also help me when the not so nice times comes. I have said it before and I guarantee I’ll say it again…it is the little things that count…so cherish the little moments, they are truly precious…



2 thoughts on “The big picture…according to me…

  1. Wow! What a story,it is true though I figure that we do not appreciate this little things but they matter seriously.

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