Dancing in the rain…


It’s been a weekend where everyone has been separated. The kids have been with their dads, I’ve been on a course and mrlovely has been doing his thing at home. Although the course was really inspiring it was incredibly lonely on Saturday night. There was a full moon and say what you may but I always get affected by the moon, I still have this lingering flue that I can’t shake and sitting in a hotel room by yourself feeling very sorry for oneself is incredibly lonely. I did speak to mrlovely but it just didn’t quite do it for me…I kind of wound up feeling lonelier and missed him more. So I had to literally give myself a good talking to…”Pernille, this is not you!!! Just relax and enjoy what tomorrow brings and you will be home again soon”. It kind of worked, I did relax a bit, watched a movie, got some sleep and made the best out of the rest of the course.

When I finally got home on Sunday I got home before anyone else. I had time to unpack and sort myself out and before I knew it mrlovely was on his way home too. It was so lovely to see him and the time apart always makes you appreciate each other that little bit more. Next to arrive was Ulrikke. All smiles, full of energy, the stuff that really warms your heart. We ordered a pizza, lit the fire place and just enjoyed being in each others company with no set agenda.

Monday arrived with its normal suddenness. Kids were sent to school, off to work I went, morning step class, not feeling fantastic I wondered how it was going to go… I survived…😉 At twelve I went to pick up Oliver, it was so nice to see his happy little face, all hugs and kisses. We ran some errands and we caught up with each other while we walked. At dinner time everyone was gathered once again. It was Monday but probably one of the best Mondays I’ve had in a long time.

Sometimes all the pieces just seem to fall in to place. It doesn’t matter about the stress of ordinary day to day life. Sometimes you just appreciate the ordinariness of your daily routines, just because you are together 😊



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Bachelor i Pr og Markedskommunikasjon fra Handelshøyskolen BI Oslo. Bloggen min er en platform for meg å dele tanker og ideer rundt kommunikasjonsbransjen. Jeg har nylig opprettet mitt eget kommunikasjonsbyrå, Lovlie Communication, men jeg jakter fortsatt etter drømmejobben.