Romancing with a BMW and an Audi…


Thursday night has always been date night for mrlovely and me… This Thursday was no different but this was a date night with a twist. We have decided to buy a new car and since we didn’t have the kids this evening we thought it a perfect opportunity to test drive our candidates.

We had done our homework and researched a lot on the internet. We won’t be buying a brand new car but a fairly new car… The eligible candidates are Audi Q5 and BMW X3. As mrlovely has a very nice but small car we are in need of a bigger car for when we are all out and about, two adults, two children and a golden retriever not to mention if Daisy our bunny should come along for the ride. I put my two cents in and said that I think both these cars look best in white, mrlovely being the nerdy pants that I love and adore has a handle on which equipment the car requires…

So off went, on a cold, dark and whet evening. We drove to some very remote little places, the last place we went to was literally in the middle of nowhere… First up was the Audi… Beautiful,classy, fully equipped and practically brand new… Jupp a very strong candidate indeed. Love the panoramic sun roof but as I have gotten used to mrlovely’s little BMW all the new buttons and gadgets were a little bit daunting.


Next up was the BMW… Mrlovely LOVES BMW’s… So this new car felt sort of like a proper upgrade. Smooth ride, whether you had it on Eco mode or sport mode. All the gadgets we know and love, buttons we were familiar with and my favorite part…cup holders in the back seat middle console…genius and so incredibly practical, I know I’m such a girl and a mom non the less 😉



After having tested both cars we have pretty much made a decision. We are currently anxiously awaiting an e-mail with a decent offer for a trade in of old car…

When we got home I sort of felt like death as my flue has decided not to be of the 24 hour kind. It was a good feeling though with the fire lit, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream eaten and the knowing that in the not so distant future we shall be driving around in a truly casually fabulous style…and then I promptly fell asleep…long live romance I say…😉


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