Breakfast and Tiffany’s…


Yup…so mrlovely and I are both sick. Fever, shivers, stuffed up nose, sore throat and all that good stuff… I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning though, get the kids ready and send them off to school. I really don’t like being sick, I mean who does right? I generally don’t have time for it and I really don’t enjoy that feeling of blaaahhh you get where everything is a strain and an effort… This morning we were feeling just that, so after grabbing some coffees and the iPad I crawled back into bed and decided to do some minimum effort but important little tasks. I started out by paying the deposit for our wedding car, needed to be done and one more thing to cross off my list. Mrlovely raised his heavy head and decided to help out. He has promised me a trip to London for my upcoming birthday (December 1st) so we checked out flights and hotels…found a great deal, booked it!!! Yahoo!!! We have also decided to take our honeymoon in Venice, Italy and since we were on a roll found a fantastic deal on that too and guess what??? We booked our honeymoon too!!! Double yahoo!!! Extremely exciting stuff that just doesn’t quite seem to sink in for either one of us but it’s all fantastic stuff… We already had the guide books and decided to read up a bit….


We both had some toast while looking at the wedding rings we are going to buy. We have looked around a bit before and been back and forth about it but have finally decided to buy our wedding bands at Tiffany’s. These are rings we are going to wear for the rest of our lives so we think it’s worth it to invest a bit more on something as beautiful as a Tiffany’s ring. When we went to Paris we had a look in a Tiffany’s store and there is just something almost magical about that store. The delicacy and beauty of their jewelry is in a league of its own, I love everything about it right down to the little blue boxes… As you don’t have a Tiffany’s store here in Norway we are going to buy them on our trip to London. I don’t want a lot of diamonds, my engagement ring is already beautifully sparkly, I want something simple and elegant and mrlovely is in total agreement. We have some options and have almost decided….but they are all sooooo pretty!!!

For mrlovely:



For me:




After all this pleasant and hardly strenuous planning we felt a cup of Pukka love tea was in order….the luckiest thing is that neither of the kids have gotten sick yet, if they do I’m sure that at least I will be live and kicking because I have decided that I have got a 24 hour flue….fingers crossed 😉



8 thoughts on “Breakfast and Tiffany’s…

  1. Godt med så mye spennende på en sykedag😊 Riktig god bedring til dere begge👍
    Mange fine ringer😊
    Min favoritt var Etoile❤️

    1. Takk! Men tror ikke det har siget helt inn i oss at vi faktisk har bestillt fisse turene. Sykdomstunge i hodet, men gjorde det beste ut av det😊 alt vel m dere?

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