Attack of the killer bugs…


So it’s been all go, both socially and with work. As Murphy’s law would have it, the minute it all seems to slow down a bit someone winds up getting sick. In this case that someone happens to be Mrlovely. After my morning class and before running off to pick up Oliver from school I received a phone call… Mrlovely had been sick and was coming home from work. Luckily mrlovely is NOT the type of guy who suffers from the infamous ‘male sickness’. You know the one I mean,where a man has got the sniffles and acts like the world is going to end, the ambulance should be on standby and you wind up running around like a headless chicken waiting on him hand and foot… Like I said mrlovely does not suffer from this though! The poor love came home looking a little worse for wear, with a fever and not feeling on top of the world so I fed him some soup and he went off to bed to recuperate…

It is that time of year when illness is part of the big picture. One day it’s warm but freezing the minute the sun goes away, the next day it’s raining and the next its just grey and freezing…today falls into the last category. Not to mention that the kids are back at school bringing home lots of new strains of bacterias and bugs. Hopefully if we all get sick we can take it in turns…yeah here’s hoping 😉

It must be said that I woke up with a wicked sore throat this morning and I’m not feeling exactly 100%. I think the best plan is to keep the fireplace burning and making sure we are all nourished. I am sure we will all feel much better tomorrow…😊


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Bachelor i Pr og Markedskommunikasjon fra Handelshøyskolen BI Oslo. Bloggen min er en platform for meg å dele tanker og ideer rundt kommunikasjonsbransjen. Jeg har nylig opprettet mitt eget kommunikasjonsbyrå, Lovlie Communication, men jeg jakter fortsatt etter drømmejobben.